– The Woes of Uncontrollable Downtime

As of 11:40PM CDT,’s infamous domain issues have been resolved. Why did this happen? Well, since the site was down, the guys behind couldn’t blog and tell you about it. So, had to used other forms of communication to get the word out as to WHY this happened and it would be fixed.


Let us know your thoughts on this or if you use another service for multi-posting right here in the comments.

Major Web Service thrown off the map by GoDaddy

GoDaddy “screwed over” another major site today is down. This kind of stuff has been documented before, even Wired got wind of this last year when they did this with owner Fyodor with a one minute notice and many other

No worries though, the service is still around. A quote from the guys at states, “If you’re seeing “GoDaddy” pages, we’re in the midst of some transferring and they’ve seemingly “screwed us.” Should fix momentarily.” and in response to thier earlier quote; “Apparently we are waiting on a “paperwork correction” that has to be “escalated” in order to be resolved. Hang in there, pingers!”

In my honest option, this is why I’ve advocate a boycott on GoDaddy for years now by not supporting thier adds on my blogs, and posts and using alternitive regerstries, and join the folks at in their fight against poor customer service and corporate anti-trust. While in the mean time, it looks like we’re back to using our desktop clients and visiting the various web 2.0 service sites themselves.