Bloggers in gangs do they mix?

There are some serious common misconceptions about Bloggers within the cogs of the Enterprise machines.

Many company executives see bloggers almost as a roving band of gangsters. Forbes wrote about “Attack of the Blogs“.

It is all true. Bloggers even have gang hand signs. Sean Bonner, curator co-owner of the sixspace gallery came up with the original gang sign on September 23, 2005. Boing Boing covered the story, complete with the blog T-shirt war that followed. The poster above gives a more detailed view into the intricate workings of the blogger underworld.

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What Bloggers Can Learn From the Current Global Economic Crisis

Written by Angel Cuala from Father Blogger dot Com on October 21, 2008

It is a fact that most countries today are suffering from economic crisis, and US is not exempted. Although it is dubbed as a superpower country, it did not serve as an excuse from high unpaid debts that surfaced from top banks which lead to the closure of some small businesses. With this, smaller countries that are relying from them and some of its economic partners are somehow being affected.

Blogging is a sort of a business, and we are businessmen in our own rights. Studying economics is part of the game, and applying some of its strategies can help a lot. I am neither an economist nor an expert in business; but as a professional blogger, here is what I think we can learn from the current global economic crisis that can be applied to blogging.

No blogger is invincible

The world is round, and anything can happen anytime. What is happening to US right now can also happen to any top blogger that we know. In fact, No blogger is safe from as identity theft, plagiarism, spamming and others. No matter how hard we try to protect ourselves, nobody can be perfect in doing this. We must be careful in every step that we make, as there might be some evil bloggers who want to destroy us. So, don’t stop learning. Remember that when you are on top, the only way to go is to go down.

Know who you are trusting

Blogging requires trust, and as a new blogger, we must know who we are dealing with. Don’t just believe on the beautiful words on his post, as they can be so attractive enough to fool you. Check his About Me page, and confirm his identity. Although there are bloggers who choose not to reveal his real name, you can still check his history through the communities he belongs to. There are a lot of SEO tools to use to check if the blogger is genuine. Believe me, not everything that we see is real.

Statistics must be analyzed carefully

As a blogger, it is not enough that we create good posts, promote them and pray hard that readers will like it. We must know if we are doing the right strategies, and statistics will tell us clearly on what is actually happening to our blogs. Is the traffic increasing, stagnant or declining? Where do most of the traffic came from; search engines, referral sites or direct traffic? Answering these questions can help us plan our next activity. But be sure that your source is reliable enough to be used as reference.

Always have other options

While it is good to focus on a popular strategy, we must also be ready with other options. Social sites like Entrecard can be a good help, but what if Graham suddenly decide to say it’s over? Doing some paid posting can be a good source of making money on-line, but what if the offers are getting few? You are not going to a battle with only one bullet, are you? So don’t hesitate to look around and try everything. After all, joining the crowd does not guarantee a success.

Change is inevitable, but the lessons we can learn from it will remain the same.

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As of 11:40PM CDT,’s infamous domain issues have been resolved. Why did this happen? Well, since the site was down, the guys behind couldn’t blog and tell you about it. So, had to used other forms of communication to get the word out as to WHY this happened and it would be fixed.


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Technologist ran geek blog is looking for guest article writers

Technologist ran geek blog is looking for guest article writers

If your into machinima, video games, Otaku, Anime, Geek culture, digital art, urban art, Electronica music, or just looking for a place to rant contact us with a 500 word meme(self written interview about yourself) and a few links of prior posts, if any.

This is non-paying, though may turn paying if/when subscriptions and sponsorships grows

We can be contacted at hDc1337 _at_,, or Yahoo IM: aka_thv

The Day the Tweets Went Silent, Using Twitter Metrics and Blogger Resources

The teachings of Master Den Zuko

There has been tons of buzz on the web about micro blogging, in particular about twitter. If you haven’t heard about twitter by now then where have you been for at lease the past 6 months? At macworld the service went down do to all the flood of tweets. Then along came SXSW and in anticipation they quickly upgraded and was well prepared for the influx of tweets on the service. Then there was Monday April 7th, 2008(Twittergate), the live stream of the internet marketing gurus Ed Dale and Dan Raine‘s Thirty Day Challenge vodcast. Their goal was to get as many people to sign up for twitter as possible. A part of me thinks that they’re only half right on this as there are several other services for micro blogging with a social network out there, just not with the same community of geeks and application writers whom seemingly can’t get enough of being bombarded with information overload. But I digress, in the course of minutes the web server hosting twitter died, so much for lighttpd ehh??, and for a good hour and a half at the very lease, didn’t bother to count the mintues being too busy with at that moment, twitter was dead. Though in the misted of the slience and how rare it is with the web these days. Your digital sensi and master cyberlord found the one thing that just about every blogger from CenterNetworks’ YouTube Adds Full Video Metrics; Where Are Twitter’s Metrics? to big name blogger Robert Scoble himself complaining about not being there.

Its called TweetStats, and its a great way to keep track of your stats and usage metrics or anyone on twitter for that matter of fact. I’ve tested out the service and its great. Its got a nice clean interface, quick and ease usage. Plus, you don’t have to sign up for anything, there’s not even an advert or click tracking on any page. You just simply enter in the twitter user name and with in a few moments, depending now much the service has to gather, you’ll have a nice graph of all the tweets that have been done. Though, I will say this since it hasn’t even broken the Alexa top 100,000 barrier and its clear tnat Damon aka dacort has put a lot of effort into the site. Before, bookmarking or graphing any tweets, please do click on the donate button. Then rush off to enjoy all the new graphs and metrics that where previously hidden away on someone’s web server access log.

Never heard of twitter? Play the video and find out what the buzz is about.

While I found that little gem, I also found another web service that puts my article on using google hacks to find twitters to shame. its Tweet Scan. This gem is a real-time Twitter search engine. Its free to use, there is a free member subscription for keeping track of your favorite searches in much the same way as Google Alerts or any top meta-search engine does. Plus, a wiki area for users and a blog from the behind it. The also do offer up a clickthru advertisment to its members to help generate traffic from the site’s sidebar. Which is a single link, at 140 charactures for $10 USD a week. I don’t know about you, but that does sound like a very tempting way of generating traffic to any given site.