Mashing Twitter and Google to find new people to follow

After a bit of surfing the web what’s the best thing to do? Well for me its hearing what’s going on around the world and the best way that’s done is with twitter. Now we’ve all heard about it or at lease most of us. Its the micro web logging software at, and no its not something you download or pay for; its free and leverages open source technologies to bring a really great web service.

You’ll probibabley saying right now, “o… k…?!?”. Well lets put it this way, if you’ve been on facebook or myspace lately then you’ll already have something like twitter there, but only for people logged in to that social network and are already on your friends list. What it is a short up date of what you are doing, or well where doing at the time of the post. This is the internet after all and when something goes up online its only a snap shot of the moment.

So basicically, twitter is just that, what your doing or what you want to tell the global at that moment what your are doing or have a quick thought of at that time. Now for those of you that have already known about twitter then I shout joyious sumomo powered happy dances to you, and ask that you go follow me on twitter.

Now, what if you really haven’t had any one cool to follow on there or if your like me you get bombarded by the ramblings of Scoble, Leo Laporte, Dan Raine and Ed Dale but hey there’ great podcasters and bloggers as well so follow them too. So, if your following only a few your not really going to have a lot to get out of twitter. How to fix this? Well doesn’t twitter have a search.. yes, it does but not a browse. Basically you do a keyword search on twitter and hope you fish something good out then start going through all the people that person is following and start digging out new people to follow that way. This is all fine and dandy but its well lets face it. Twitter is new and most of the people out there are very boring or don’t have many people to branch out to. So what can be done is a simple hack from google that allows you to find all these cool people with really interesting blogs that also read other blogs, and by blogs I don’t mean the simple posts or updates to your myspace journal, whom of which also have this great new thing that we call twitter.

So we covered the what and the why.. now what? How do we do it? Simple, type this into your url and you’ll get back a list of everyone you can browse through and may just find interesting.

Now what that does is it searches google’s database of sites, checks in the site url for “” and limits it by what’s found on Technorati.