Have you subscribed to the XyberNET Newsletter that just has been launched? If not – you’ve only got 24 hours or so to sign up if you want to get the first one.

I’ve almost finished writing it and in this first edition you’ll get:

  • Free 1 hour Podcast – (you get this on signup but I’ll include another link to it in the newsletter in case you missed it)
  • Hot Posts – a top 10 list of the ‘hottest’ posts on The Teachings of Master Den Zuko at the moment
  • Weekend Hacks – in this section I’ll be giving you a small homework task each week that you can go away and apply immediately to improve your skills
  • Book Update – an update on the Digital Sensei Book
  • Reader Question – We’re take a reader question and answering it exclusively for the newsletter

In future editions of the email I’ll be pre-announcing XyberNET news and will have a few preview invites for new products and tools for bloggers, makers, freelancers, and indy mogul types.

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