The Teachings of Master Den Zuko is looking for original tutorials and/or articles to add to the site. Another perspective on here would be quite refreshing. Not to mention, we would love if this blog became a community, and not just one person’s opinion.

What we are looking for

Quality stuff! Mainly; tutorials, articles, and reviews on any web apps, game design theory/application, web development theory/application, hacker/geek culture(this includes subculture related stuff like sci-fi, guerilla art, shop dropping and subverting), DIY projects, and otaku/anime related news.


Our budget is limited right now, so we cannot offer any payment. However I can offer to promote your site and write a blurb about you, even feature you in our newsletter. We do cross post to, technorati,and digg. This is subject to change in the future.


All submissions must be original and exclusive to this site. Have a 300 word count and please, no plagiarism, we do check. All submissions will be reviewed; not all will be accepted. Please note, your content may be edited before it is published.

Submission info

It is preferred that you send your submissions in HTML form, however plain old ascii text will do the job. If you send a tutorial, don’t forget to send the images for the steps, as well as a final image preview. Also, please include information about yourself and your site, so that info about you can be given at the beginning of the content. Please email your submission to Article Submissions