The Digital Sensei’s Guru Predictions – ’08


So I’ve been reading up on technorati, TechCrunch, CNET, and even PC Magazine along with a few other top blogs. And all of them are showing the same following signs:

  1. Yahoo and Google are working together, but yahoo is going to become bedfellows with AOL and end up the next MSN(dragged and droped into the “recycle bin”)
  2. By the turn of the decade, we will see more Linux powered desktops that are going to become common place in the non-gamer homes. All of which are powered by the Ubuntu Linux distro.
  3. With the faillings of Vista and the drop of XP Support. Microsoft’s push for the Windows 7 OS will be the smoking gun to they’re bullet in the head.
  4. Gamers will be fed up with the lack of support on the favorite games from the Windows 7 and Vista that they will reluctenly move to Macs, expecially after realizing all the great gaming frendly hardware already installed. Thus creating a hug surge in Mac sales but also a larger winging user base do to the fact that gamers are so use to windows.
  5. Linux’s rise to fame will be the popularization of Open Source, Enterprise computing(i.e servers), and secure business systems. Mac’s potent clam will be it won the desktop wars even after losing back in 1996 to Windows 4.0(aka Win95).
  6. Bloggers will become the new internet stars pushing old media out to pasture. But, will also give rise to a new bubble 2.0 since so many of them will start to follow the way of the “Internet marketer” and “Web 2.0 Entrepreneur” all the while forgetting why they where blogging in the first place.
  7. And all the while, more and more true hacker culture will be mistaken as geek culture as we push even futher on the new media broadband-wagon

Now these are just my observations, with a few options, but then again I was one of the first few to see Window’s demise to Linux and Mac. That video on the internet was the way things are gong to be and that blogs are the next e-zines. Just never went public with it outside select IRC channels of the time. And no, I’m not one of the technologist writers of the blogosphere, I like to think I am though my hit count isn’t even close to enough and Scoble has never asked me “Who are you?”…

So if any of this happens( or doesn’t) then chock it up to some quick insites and be glad that you feed you head before hand.
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The blogger and Master Zuko

Upon one day a blogger came before Master Zuko and be-riddled him a query, “How does one get to be famous in the vastness of the digital seas?”

Master Zuko said only one word unto him, “Tweet.”

The blogger was dumb founded at the master’s response, “Surely the great Cyberlordian master as your self would be able to give a better answer?!?”

And the master said, “Tweet Tweet you twitter.”

Upon hearing these very words the blogger was enlighten.