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The Teachings of Master Den Zuko is written to help geeks and tech enthusiasts everywhere, learn in a fun and enlightened way to use computers and technology in new inventive ways while exploring the internet to is fullest. Along the way you’ll also learn about hacker culture and what it means to be free in the digital world.


  • Tips, tricks, and the basics of Machinima, New media, and Indy mogul
  • In’s and out’s on tweaking your blogs, websites, and online profiles
  • Case moding and DIY Maker projects of any kind
  • Behind the scenes of Silicon Valley
  • Digital media from all forms of artwork
  • Reviews on your favorite Web Services, Software and Hardware
  • The latest in your digital rights
  • Code recipes for your review (Ruby on Rails, DHTML, Ajax/Javascript, Flash & Actionscript, Unix/Linux/BSD Shell, PHP)
  • Updates in the world of Anime, Manga, and Otaku culture
  • and more…

Our Authors

Dwight Spencer – Author, Artist, and Editor in Chief
I have been hacking since the day’s of Well and hackers.com(hDc), so I’ve seen just about all of it, from the depths of BBS’s, and dumb programming languages by Billy G. to the rise of a penguin powered OS known as Linux. I spent the past seven years as a Freelance web designer and as an in house open source software developer for CompuTEK Industires, LLC.(mostly CMS, game engines, system automation, and little apps under GPL and SF.net for Linux). Plus I even know a thing or two on Linux/UNIX administration(Redhat certified and all ^.^). Though of late I’ve been keeping up with the tides of the vastness that is the digital sea known as the world wide web and created a very nice profile of digital art for you to view at deviantART. I’m even a bit of an Otaku and have my AMV’s at A-M-V.org

About CompuTEK Industries

CompuTEK Industries, LLC(C-TEK) is a OEM technology firm and New Media studios. Since 2003, our high profile clientele have relied on our open source software development, rich internet application solutions, information system technology, and virtual computing solutions.