Will Microsoft’s New Bing Search Engine Quick Launch Save Them?

Microsoft Bing Search Engine

The new Microsoft Bing search engine announced only five days ago, is online and now marked as “Preview”. Where you can test drive it now yourself. Microsoft initially stated in a press release that the roll out of Bing is set to fully be released on June 3rd, but currently the service is available for you to use now and as of June 3rd, we’re told, Bing will be Microsoft’s new default search engine replacing the failed Microsoft Live search engine.

Bing is being herald as, a new Decision Engine and consumer brand, with a first step in moving beyond search to help make faster, more informed decisions all while being designed on the benefits of today’s search engines. Bing’s focuses are primarily on Shopping, Local, and Travel searches while it tries to help you make better decisions.

Bing Search Preview

While Bing does have news search comparable to Google news, one has to ask will this be the next google killer or has Microsoft finally conceited in its lost to the search, advertising and open standard giant Google and turned its focus towards what it does best swallowing up the little guys like Yelp and company.

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