New deviantART journal: Current Happenings and The Whoa Factor

Lately I’ve been surfing DA for some amazing artwork. Though after the last two I’ve seen its got me thinking, what the frag.. everyone has been getting on me about being more involved with the DA community and I figured that I should start a list of the most amazing stuff that’s on deviantART. This list is way beyond the standard norm of amazing art, four and five star stuff that makes you say Whoa!

Go read the journal entry at Denzuko’s deviantART Journal for more information.


New Artwork Post: Just finished Lithium Flower

Here it is, a bit late but better than never, a piece for all of you that helped making 500 hits to my DA Profile. Thank you. This is one of many pieces I’ve been working up to for a while now and I hope you enjoy it.

Lithium Flower by

Lithium Flower by ~Denzuko on deviantART