Updates – October

So, pretty much there’s been little activity on this site. This has been do to a few events lately.

Been working on amping up my artistic skills. Go look at my stuff on http://denzuko.deviantart.com/

Job hunting in the springs area is a full time job + overtime w/o pay.

I still have to AP hop

I’ve been working with Vector marketing, nice blokes a bit dated in marketing style but it works. Been working with them to be a consultent to a major multi-million dollar marketing firm.

and.. finally, i’ve been trying to patch things up with my ex-fiance.

To put it this way, my time has become scarse at the lease and I’ve been putting most of it into keeping my arse off the streets and keeping my portfolio fresh.

I’ll be back soon enough, in the mean time I’ll still be trolling the web for stuff for 4UREyesonly though it may take a change in future episodes to give you guyes a more regular listening schedule.

Oh and happy new years. Yes, I know… its Holloween to the rest of you but, its still the pangao-celt/druidic new year to me.


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