September 10, 2007 Untitled

Well two weeks ago I started work on my first official AMV(anime music video). It turned out rather well, much better than what I was aiming for, and a whole lot better than what I originally had in mind, which was a bunch of girls dancing around shaking their bums. Well now its got great scenes in there with the band playing to the beat, Haruko dancing around in two spots(one rather longer than it should be but hey she’s in a pink towel so we got to see more of that and the other is what started the whole video in the first place), and every thing syncs to the rhythm very nicely., including a scene with Canti flying off to heaven. Plus there’s a scene where Takune is kicked in front of Haruko’s Vespa that matches up to the drums for a very funny effect, latter on there’s another drum beat where Haruko zips and zooms to it. With it all ending in a beautiful rainbow as the day ends.



I had to use Limewire for the first time in ages to get the clips I wanted, FLCL OVA. As for the rest of the clips I went to Youtube to get them. This was a bad move on my part since when I transcoded the video it was just horrid in quality. I looked like something from ten or more years ago as compared to what’s available now. So this ended up making the whole thing very low ranked and even lower downloaded. The thing was that I wanted to put out at lease one video a week so I would be able to premiere them at Project: AnimeKO and then have them released to the web that day.


But over all, the thing was a success it got just under one hundred hits on AMV org within the first twenty-four hours I released it. Very nice thing there, lesson learned comedy videos are big, comedy videos with big named artistes are bigger. Just remember to post the right heading in the announcement forum and keep the video quality at its best. Oh, other lessons learned, though prior to this are; Sub-titles are frowned upon, video size is preferred at 640×480 30 fps.

Offer up multiple versions of the same clip, a standard one(i.e. the ntsc/vga version) and a high definition version.

I have another one planned but, I have to wait until Lowell can get me those DVDs of his. This one is done to シートベルツ – Want it all back. With the video to Golden boy, Cowboy Bebop, and Lupin the third. The who premise is how these guy’s chase after girls all to end up loosing it in the end. Plus, on top of it all I’ve been working on Dan’s demo video. You know just for the hell of it.


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