Hacker Art

You might be asking yourself (or the screen for some of us), What is hacker art? Well to define hacker art is to define a corner stone in the hacker philosophy and a prime law in our Creed. The computer can create things of beauty, art, and that art will be beautiful. So, what does this mean? it means that creating art from a computer is apart of hacker culture for generations. In the early days it was ASCII art, simple games, and graphical demo applications. Then along came the Amiga and that art included music in the form of protracker files. Now a days these have been pushed aside for in favor of MP3, Flash games, and YouTube. Well now, I tell you this… video blogs, MySpace Profile fillers and emo songs are not art they’re just net pollution. So then what is there left for hackers to create their art with? Good thing you ask, as there are many forms in this day and age. The are broken down as such:

  • Demoscene
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • computer rendered imagery

The differences being that Hardware hacker art tends to be more of circuit bending, LED sculptures and case mods. Software is typically a piece of code that is so neat and clean that you want to bow down and chant, “I am not worthy” , over and over again. This type is almost always either single line shell scripting or assembly code. Now for the other two, Demoscene and computer rendered imagery. These are the most common to find out side of hacker circles and are the most beautiful in my option as they in them selves are art forms of thier own.

So then how does one get into this aspect of hacker art? Simple, by using open source software we have many options for computer rendered imagery, with the GIMP for post processing, image manipulation, and 2D graphics, and Blender for 3D model rendering. Both of which have a strong community of hackers and designers behind them that are willing to help out, both of which use the same concepts and techniques that more famous and over priced software packages use.

But, you say you want to get into music end of things… No problem there, we have Audacity that can take your audio recordings and turn them into mp3’s(with the help of LAME) and even let you record your own sound clips. So, what to do with sound clips? simple use them in a Protracker program and create your own Techno music to hack and crack by.

Now, what to do with all this and your hacking skills? That’s the best part, this where the Scene and demo art comes in. Take a look at some of the winners from this year’s Demo scene conventions.


Amazing no? I quite think so. Now, for all of you out there. I challenge you to create the best demo art available and to send me the link so I can see it and link back to your work. A great place to get started is to take a look at some of the stuff on Scene.org. Think of this site as an archive, social network and authority on the demo scene. Next, after you’ve got some coding ideas go check out The Mod Archive and get the right song for this hack(don’t forget to inform the artist through the site if you do use his work).


Death of Win32 files and the rise of POSIX files among file traders

This week’s tip is on fixing filenames on files created under Windows for use on all computing systems(pda/smart phones, Unix, Linux, OS X, and Windows).

To begin with, the history of filenames originates with DOS and other operating systems like it and how limited storage devices once where. Names only could be in a max of  8.3 characters format, which was 3 bytes and a fourth byte for the location on the drive or disk. then along came Windows 4 which followed to some extent the standard of the time named POSIX. Other OS notably using this standards was all UNIX systems, OS/2 and even apple’s System 7 better known as MacOS. Now, for those you that remember the time, Bill Gates was working along side Apple and IBM but we knew better. Anyways, what happen though of the time was that a whole influx was introduced by the use of expanding the filenames and now using the whole set of characters. You see this was possible because of the POSIX standards, plus OS/2 and MacOS practice of using metadata to extend the GUI past the prior limitations. Microsoft wasn’t so wise they decided that metadata files wasn’t the way to go and put the new extended filenames directly into the filename itself lead to awkward file that didn’t mesh well on other systems. You Still see this practice today, OS X while has Darwin a BSD descendant and thus POSIX compatibility, plus Nautilus and konquer on Linux all follow the practice of putting the awkward characters into the filename and breaking the POSIX standards.

So, what to do about it while not going to extremes and still being able to work in the same way? Well since we don’t want to change a working system, albeit a flawed one. We just use our know how in shell scripting, with the following one liner script:

#!/bin/shfor file in *\ *; do mv $file $(echo $file|sed "s/\ /_/g"|sed "s/'//g"); done

What this does is enumerate each file with a space in its name, then passes that through the stream editor to substitute each space character for ‘_’. How it does this is by looping through the files and before moving the file, fixes the name then moves it to the new name.

The blogger and Master Zuko

Upon one day a blogger came before Master Zuko and be-riddled him a query, “How does one get to be famous in the vastness of the digital seas?”

Master Zuko said only one word unto him, “Tweet.”

The blogger was dumb founded at the master’s response, “Surely the great Cyberlordian master as your self would be able to give a better answer?!?”

And the master said, “Tweet Tweet you twitter.”

Upon hearing these very words the blogger was enlighten.

A day in the life of a Deviant blogging hacker.

Ever felt you had an addiction to the internet?!? No, well good same here. Though what happened today would be proof that I was addicted.

So, we where downtown running some errants and the moment they where finished and we got close to the nearest coffee house I have an online account with I hopped out quickly and made a mad dash to get online. Well it was worth it. I had two new pictures to post and a lot to do and learn. Plus on top of it all all I’m ecstatic, at last count I have 1450 views of my art work. (^.^) thanks everyone, I’m glad to see you like my work so much. Keep it up and I’ll make sure you guys always have something new there to see.

So, some of the thing I’ve learned was how to use twitter for promoting a blog and how to do more interesting blog entries. Yes, I’m working on this thing to make sure there’s better content for your reading pleasure. As well as found some new viral marketing tips and I’m going to try them out.

For some news, Comcast has violated the Net Neutrality, go read the post on digg, slashdot, CNet and ZDnet and on netneutrality.org.

On top of it all, I’ll be volunteering with the salvation army again this year for the third year running. So this means even more of a challenge to me to post regularly. Though that’s still the challenge isn’t it. (^.-) No worries though, you’ll still be able to see all the new pretty artwork at lease every week.

And I’ll try to have a tutorial ready for you every week. I do still plan on doing a screencast and the podcast for you guys.

September 10, 2007 Untitled

Well two weeks ago I started work on my first official AMV(anime music video). It turned out rather well, much better than what I was aiming for, and a whole lot better than what I originally had in mind, which was a bunch of girls dancing around shaking their bums. Well now its got great scenes in there with the band playing to the beat, Haruko dancing around in two spots(one rather longer than it should be but hey she’s in a pink towel so we got to see more of that and the other is what started the whole video in the first place), and every thing syncs to the rhythm very nicely., including a scene with Canti flying off to heaven. Plus there’s a scene where Takune is kicked in front of Haruko’s Vespa that matches up to the drums for a very funny effect, latter on there’s another drum beat where Haruko zips and zooms to it. With it all ending in a beautiful rainbow as the day ends.



I had to use Limewire for the first time in ages to get the clips I wanted, FLCL OVA. As for the rest of the clips I went to Youtube to get them. This was a bad move on my part since when I transcoded the video it was just horrid in quality. I looked like something from ten or more years ago as compared to what’s available now. So this ended up making the whole thing very low ranked and even lower downloaded. The thing was that I wanted to put out at lease one video a week so I would be able to premiere them at Project: AnimeKO and then have them released to the web that day.


But over all, the thing was a success it got just under one hundred hits on AMV org within the first twenty-four hours I released it. Very nice thing there, lesson learned comedy videos are big, comedy videos with big named artistes are bigger. Just remember to post the right heading in the announcement forum and keep the video quality at its best. Oh, other lessons learned, though prior to this are; Sub-titles are frowned upon, video size is preferred at 640×480 30 fps.

Offer up multiple versions of the same clip, a standard one(i.e. the ntsc/vga version) and a high definition version.

I have another one planned but, I have to wait until Lowell can get me those DVDs of his. This one is done to シートベルツ – Want it all back. With the video to Golden boy, Cowboy Bebop, and Lupin the third. The who premise is how these guy’s chase after girls all to end up loosing it in the end. Plus, on top of it all I’ve been working on Dan’s demo video. You know just for the hell of it.

Updates – October

So, pretty much there’s been little activity on this site. This has been do to a few events lately.

Been working on amping up my artistic skills. Go look at my stuff on http://denzuko.deviantart.com/

Job hunting in the springs area is a full time job + overtime w/o pay.

I still have to AP hop

I’ve been working with Vector marketing, nice blokes a bit dated in marketing style but it works. Been working with them to be a consultent to a major multi-million dollar marketing firm.

and.. finally, i’ve been trying to patch things up with my ex-fiance.

To put it this way, my time has become scarse at the lease and I’ve been putting most of it into keeping my arse off the streets and keeping my portfolio fresh.

I’ll be back soon enough, in the mean time I’ll still be trolling the web for stuff for 4UREyesonly though it may take a change in future episodes to give you guyes a more regular listening schedule.

Oh and happy new years. Yes, I know… its Holloween to the rest of you but, its still the pangao-celt/druidic new year to me.