Code clips – Hacking WordPress for Podcasting

Right so, in  an attempt to do quick and easy podcasting  I choose to use this blog instead of creating a new account out in the blog-o-sphere. In doing so, I found that its not as easy as one would hope. But, then why would I be a hacker if things where easy.  Here’s  how I did it.

First, I found a web hoster out there, since my ourmedia account isn’t being as cooperative  as I would like(more on this later). I chose, though there’s probably better ones out there. Next, I signed in and created a new catagory for podcasts only. This part is important, write down the new catagory id number, we’ll need it for later.

Now, write a new post and assign it to the podcast catagory. At the end of the post, put an html anchor link to the audio file, be sure to include the full domain and protocol.  (ie Once this is done publish it and your blog is now podcasting.

A final step is  to use Feedburner to allow for click tracking and iTunes compatiblity. This is where the category id comes in. Sign up  for feed burner. for the url you need to burn(the rss feed url) put in where myblogname is the blog’s name off the url and ### in the cat= directive is the category id we wrote down earlier. This was done so your users don’t need to sift through all your blog posts just for your podcast. But instead provides only what they wanted. From here post the html code from feedburner’s publicize -> chicklet tool into an text widget on your wordpress sidebar and your done.

Now, enjoy your cool hacked and podcast enabled wordpress blog. And create some smashing podcasts.


3 thoughts on “Code clips – Hacking WordPress for Podcasting

  1. spywhere cleaner:
    Well wordpress does in a way do podcasting automatically, but doesn’t fully do that. You’ll need to set some things up first, and have a hosting account for the audio files.

    what needs to be described?

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