New chapter to the digital defence lead by an old school hacker.

I’ve been listing in on a very special podcast of late. Its the Copyright 2.0 podcast at You may think it odd that an old school hacker like me would be giving a damn about copyrights. Well some if that is true, but there is a legit reason why we have them and even though copyrights tend to be used in bad ways or at lease enforced in bad ways I should say. These guys are really good about what the report and have brought to light some issues I didn’t know about before. Like how Youtube’s usage policy tends to lead to the content creators loosing rights to their works.

Well just the other day I got a hot tip on a judges ruling on FBI over their spying on ISP’s. So, naturally like any blogger I posted it to digg, and even tried to slashdot it, to little avail since slashdot is being a pain with my account which I will not go into. I even popped on the chat rooms and gabbed a bit on it, #2600 if you wanted to know. It went rather well and since I was listing in to the great mates at and who run the Copyright 2.0 podcast I decided to message them about it too.

Well needless to say they where quite intrigued by it and since we’ve been in contact I’ve desided that this Blog needs a new twist. Instead of my usual dumb rant on how things are or cool thing I’ve worked on, I’ll be covering some real issues in regards to our digital rights. Though I do rant about those at times this will be in-depth stores with a real downloadible podcast.

You’ll still be able to find my typical project notes from time to time. Since I’m still going to work along side the Cyberlordian Consortium and keep running the Cyberlordian Studios. So this just going to be a monthly thing in complementation to Emanuel Goldstein’s 260o, and Chris Matthieu and Jonathan Bailey’s Copyright 2.0 works. With a focus on our digital rights and global freedoms.

Thanks for reading, and keep posted.


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